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Open-source chatbot trained on user-shared conversations with 90% ChatGPT quality








About this app

With Vicuna-13B, you can benefit from an open-source chatbot that has been trained on user-shared conversations to achieve 90%* ChatGPT quality. You can use Vicuna-13B to save time and money by creating a chatbot for your website or generating engaging content as a copywriter. As a marketer, you can use Vicuna-13B to create personalized messaging for your campaigns, increasing conversion rates and saving money. If you're part of a customer service team, Vicuna-13B can help you provide quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries, improving satisfaction and saving time. If you're a researcher, you can use Vicuna-13B to study the capabilities of chatbots and their potential impact on various industries.

Use cases

1. Copywriters can use Vicuna to generate high-quality blog posts or articles in a matter of minutes2. saving time and increasing productivity3. Marketers can use Vicuna to create compelling social media posts or email marketing campaigns4. saving money on hiring a copywriter5. Developers can use Vicuna to create chatbots for their websites or applications improving customer experience and engagement6. Business owners can use Vicuna to automate customer service and support saving money on hiring additional staff7. Researchers can use Vicuna to study the capabilities of chatbots and their potential impact on various industries


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