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Magic Mate

Get AI-powered assistance in WhatsApp with Magic Mate








About this app

With Magic Mate, you can chat with ChatGPT, draw with Dalle, colorize and restore images, edit images in natural language, translate audio, and more right within WhatsApp. As your personal AI assistant, Magic Mate can save you time and effort by completing your sentences, generating custom images, and transcribing audio files automatically. Whether you're a marketer, copywriter, or developer, Magic Mate has a wide range of abilities that can help you make money, save time, and save money. Plus, with endless possibilities, you can always find new ways to use Magic Mate for your benefit.

Use cases

1. Create custom images for social media with ease directly on WhatsApp2. Transcribe audio files automatically to save time and effort3. Colorize old grayscale photos to bring them back to life4. Remove unwanted backgrounds from images in seconds5. Edit images in natural language using AI for faster results



Created by Airtsy

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