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God In A Box

Chat with God-level AI on Whatsapp





Starts at $9/mo



About this app

Get instant access to a powerful AI on Whatsapp with God In A Box. Chat with the AI like you would your friends and get God-level advice on a wide range of topics. Save time and make money with unlimited messages starting at just $9/month. Plus, your messages are not stored on our servers, so you can text God In A Box privately. Try it out and have fun!

Use cases

1. Developers can use it for generating code snippets and troubleshooting2. Copywriters can use it for brainstorming headlines and writing copy3. Marketers can use it for creating social media posts and ad copy4. Entrepreneurs can use it for idea validation and business strategy5. Students can use it for essay writing and research


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Created by Airtsy

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