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AI Prompts by Opera

Generative AI in Opera Browser





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About this app

With Opera's Generative AI and contextual prompts, you can explore the web like never before. Effortlessly generate summaries, shorten texts, and get easy explanations of complex ideas. Create unique content, get recommendations for everything from recipes to movies, and unlock endless ideas. Plus, developers can save time by generating code snippets and getting instant feedback. Sign up for free and start unlocking the power of AI today.

Use cases

1. Developers can save time by generating code-testing snippets scenarios and getting instant feedback2. Copywriters can generate unique content ideas and refine their writing with AI-powered prompts3. Marketers can generate personalized content and get recommendations for ad targeting4. Online learners can easily understand complex concepts and generate summaries of lengthy articles or videos5. General users can save time browsing by getting personalized recommendations for articles and entretainment



Created by Airtsy

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