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Ask about recipes and discover the ingredients you need-then get it all delivered from local stores








"Find a recipe for chicken parmesan and add the ingredients to my shopping list"


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About this app

Ask about recipes and discover the ingredients you need. Looking for a recipe for chicken parmesan? Simply enter the prompt, and the app will provide you with a variety of options. Once you've found the perfect recipe, you can add the necessary ingredients directly to your shopping list. No more searching for individual items or writing long lists—everything you need will be conveniently organized for you. What's more, this app goes the extra mile by offering a delivery service from local stores. You can save time and effort by having all the ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Say goodbye to multiple grocery store visits and hello to a seamless cooking experience. Whether you have specific dietary preferences or want to explore new recipes, this app has you covered. Start using it today and experience the convenience of discovering, planning, and enjoying delicious meals without the hassle.

Use cases

1. Save money by discovering recipes and purchasing the ingredients yourself rather than ordering expensive pre-made meals2. Find recipes and have the necessary ingredients added to your shopping list in one seamless process saving you time and effort3. Benefit from cost-effective meal planning by discovering recipes and purchasing ingredients from local stores avoiding costly restaurant meals4. Get all the ingredients you need for your chosen recipes delivered from local stores eliminating the need for multiple trips to the grocery store5. Explore recipes tailored to specific dietary preferences and have the corresponding ingredients added to your shopping list effortlessly

Created by Airtsy