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Comic Finder

A plugin that finds a relevant comic given a description. Currently supports XKCD and SMBC comics








"Find an XKCD comic about machine learning"


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About this app

Find comics that match your specific interests and themes. Looking for an XKCD comic about machine learning? Just enter the prompt, and the app will present you with relevant XKCD comics that explore the topic in a humorous and insightful way. Whether you're a comic enthusiast, a science aficionado, or simply looking for a good laugh, this app provides a convenient way to discover comics that resonate with you. Additionally, the app supports SMBC comics, broadening your options for entertaining and thought-provoking content. You no longer have to spend time searching through archives or scrolling endlessly to find the perfect comic. By using this app, you can save time, find entertainment, and potentially share the discovered comics with others, boosting engagement and enjoyment. Dive into the world of comics effortlessly and let the app do the work of finding relevant and captivating comics for you. Start exploring and laughing today with this handy comic plugin.

Use cases

1. Share relevant comics on social media to engage your audience and potentially increase your followers or website traffic2. Quickly find comics that match your desired theme or topic without scrolling through numerous webpages or archives3. Access a wide range of comics without the need for a subscription or purchasing individual comic issues4. Enjoy a laugh and entertain yourself with comics that align with your interests and sense of humor5. Use comics to enhance presentations or blog posts making them more engaging and relatable

Created by Airtsy